Landscape Design

Do you have a dream for your property?

We’ll help you plan. From walkways, patios, and ponds, to gardens and landscape plantings, our team of experts will work with you to create a signature look that fits your lifestyle and respects the natural environment. Just call for a consultation and we’ll turn your dreams into reality.

We can build it.

Let us help. Our on-site assessment is the first step to balancing form and function. What’s your style? Do you like a formal look or something more wild and natural? Whether it’s a home, a cottage, a boathouse or a shed, we can create a design that accommodates natural grades, drainage, and soil conditions. We specialize in solving problems unique to Muskoka – from restoring sensitive shorelines and deer-proofing your grounds to making your property more personal and private. Difficult terrain? No problem: Our professional installations can transform even the most challenging area into a garden oasis.

Relax and enjoy your landscaping!

Once you’ve created your personalized space, you deserve to enjoy it, entertaining family and friends or simply relaxing in a natural setting. That’s why our low-maintenance landscape designs maximize your quality time and minimize the fuss. We also offer full-service landscape maintenance packages to keep your property looking it’s best – even when you’re not there.

The Garden Market – Truly Inspired by Nature