Native Plants

We are experts in plants native to Muskoka and Almaguin.

There are several varieties of native shrubs and perennials available at our garden center. We can advise you on the best soil and site conditions to plant in so that your native plants will thrive. Native plant lists tend to be a bit vague because of the hardiness zones. We will be happy to share our expertise. Native plants do require space and our staff can let you know what the mature size of the plant will be.

Surround yourself with Muskoka and Almaguin’s native trees, shrubs and perennials. These natural beauties are very hardy and low maintenance.

We’ll happily explain all the advantages of choosing plants native to Muskoka and Almaguin for your garden. Native plants are great additions to your garden and our enviroment. Generally plants that are native to the area thrive.

Our comprehensive list of native plant material will give you privacy, restoration and naturalizing options.

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