Mulch & Fertilizers

What mulch provides your gardens is more than esthetic. Mulch is a great source of organic matter. Mulch helps keep the moisture in the ground, prevents weeds from growing and breaks down into organic matter to help amend the soil.

From natural cedar to decorative red pine, we offer a variety of mulch colours and textures. We have available for delivery soil, compost and mulch.

We can recommend the right fertilizer for your soil conditions.

Where soil conditions are poor, fertilizers can amend the problem to create ideal growing conditions. Whether it be a new perennial planting or unhealthy trees – fertilizers can provide answers to many growing challenges.

You should plant with a starter fertilizer – and make sure it is high in Phosphorus which will stimulate root growth. Healthy Roots makes for a healthy plant. If you are on the lake or by a stream you shouldn’t use Phosphorus. It creates the growth of algae and plant life in the water and can be harmful to the aquatic eco-system. You can however add compost and apply mulch.

If your garden requires a boost you can use an all purpose slow release organic fertilizer. We recommend Vigiro Pink. It consist of 8 part Nitrogen (for green growth) 12 parts phosphorus (for root growth ) and 6 parts Potassium (that helps root and green growth). Remember all fertilizer has 3 letters on the box N-P-K, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. An easy trick to remember what they stand for is: up, down and around.

Our knowlegable staff will be happy to answer any of your questions about mulch & fertilizers.

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